Season hots up as Gaels head to Copenhagen

Having won a nail-biting tournament against Oslo in Gothenburg, the Gaels now head to Copenhagen to see if they can build on the good work already done in the men’s championships. With temperatures rising in the region and five very strong clubs fighting for suprmeacy, nothing will be taken for granted.

The Denmark trip also marks the first time the ladies’ teams travel this year, and with around 20 female players and two of the teams in a three-team tournament, we’re looking forward to a great weekend of Gaelic football!

There’s tons of news on the club front – new pitch, new goalposts, new match and training kit- ┬ábut a problem with our website interface is preventing anything other than the most basic updates. We hope to have it fixed in the near future- in the meantime keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on progress from Copenhagen this weekend!

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